Moonstruck Tapes Are Here!

apr 18, 2015
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The limited-run cassettes of Moonstruck's Shards Session are finished! We're thrilled with how great these came out. In conjunction with the Alternative Gallery in Allentown, we recruited gallery artist MOP$ to hand-design and number these. The cassettes are limited to 30 and contain the full Moonstruck performance and interview from their session. We've already given away 10 tapes on our Facebook page, but you can snag one of the remaining 20 at two Moonstruck shows coming up.

4/18 Record Store Day LIVE! | The Alternative Gallery | Allentown, PA

4/21 Tape Swap Presents: Soda Bomb // Mumblr // Moonstruck | The Funhouse | Bethlehem, PA

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We'll be releasing a limited-run cassette release for each Shards Session in the future. Each session will have a different artist from the Alternative Gallery designing and hand-numbering them. Make sure to follow our Facebook page for a chance to snag one of the first 10 tapes of each session for free. Check out the full Moonstruck Shards Session audio below along with the video of their performance of "Scopo":

New Season Update + New Funhouse Show

apr 10, 2015
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Busy days are here. The huge renovation project at our recording studio, Shards, is wrapping up nicely. You can follow the progress on our brand new Instagram page. We have spankin' new carpeted floors and a new dinosaur mascot. Things are looking up.

While Tape Swap Radio is a radio program at the core, we wanted to provide a special benefit to everyone who keeps up with us online. While we are waiting to kick off the new season over the FM airwaves, we are going to be premiering the sessions online as we finish producing them. If you follow us regularly on Facebook, Twitter, or just here on the main site--we're cutting down on the wait time. Our first session with the two-piece Lehigh Valley garage band Moonstruck will be premiering next week, so keep an eye out for when it drops.Then, look for our session with Washington state folk singer Robert Sarazin Blake in the beginning of May.

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We also have another big announcement. Every Shards Session we premiere from now on will have its own limited-run cassette release. We've partnered with the Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA to have a different gallery artist design the custom artwork for each release. These cassettes will limited to 30 tapes per Shards Session and hand-numbered. When we post each new session to Facebook, we will be offering 10 free cassettes of that session to the first 10 commenters on the post. So, if you needed an incentive to follow us on Facebook, this might be it. We will then have the remaining cassettes available at all of our future live event appearances and Tape Swap Presents concerts. We're beyond psyched to be able to bring this to you.

 photo Tape_Swap_Radio_April_21_Poster_04.08.15.jpgLook for the Moonstruck session dropping next week with your chance to pick up a free tape. The cassettes themselves will be handwritten and numbered by Alternative Gallery artist-in-residence MOP$, who designed the layout for the release. We will have the remaining cassettes available at two Moonstruck events coming up in April:

4/18 - Alternative Gallery's Record Store Day Concert
4/21 - Tape Swap Presents show at The Funhouse in Bethlehem with Soda Bomb + Mumblr

Moonstruck will be performing at our last Tape Swap Presents Funhouse concert for awhile on Tuesday, April 21st. We are welcoming Soda Bomb (Broken World Media) form Long Island and Mumblr (Fleeting Youth Records) from Philly. We hope you can make it out!

ABEAR Lost Session, Cascadia Session + Upcoming Events

apr 1, 2015

Tape Swap's new season is almost here and in preparation, we've cleaned out our archive. We're presenting two sessions that never aired and never had videos compiled. Theses sessions represent the early days of Tape Swap. Check out the links below and read up on the story of Tape Swap's beginning. Plus, we have two Tape Swap Presents shows in April at the Funhouse in Bethlehem, PA.

ABEAR "Lost Session" and the Beginnings of Tape Swap
Listen to the session here

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With an idea for a live music radio series, producer Shamus McGroggan lined up the Bethlehem-based band ABEAR for a recording session. With one friend offering the use of a recording studio and another offering to record video, the everyone was excited. The day of the shoot, the photgrapher abruptly cancelled and pulled out of the project. An attempt to reschedule the session would find the recording studio booked indefinitely. This is when ABEAR drummer/singer Matt Molchany offered to record the session at his own Bethlehem studio, Shards. This would serve as the catalyst for Tape Swap Radio and the Shards Sessions.

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On a sweltering summer day in June 2012, everyone gathered at the Bethlehem recording studio to record the session. A friend of the band offered the use of her video equipment. After constructing a crude lighting system, the band began their 4-song set. The session would be plagued by problems including malfunctioning recording equipment, broken guitar strings, and pedals that refused to cooperate. This required putting the recording on hold multiple times as trips to Bethlehem homes and stores could be arranged. the fact that Shards had yet to have air-conditioning installed didn't make things easier.

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Eventually, the sessions was put to tape and video. A few days later, the purse with the video cameras and footage from the session would be stolen. The video from the session would never see the light of day.What remains is the audio which turned pristine. The success of the audio portion led to Matt and Shamus agreeing to use this session as a model for the fledgling idea for a radio show. Tape Swap Radio and the Shards Sessions were born. After recording more sessions like this, albeit with much better preparation and equipment, Tape Swap Radio would premiere one year later on WMUH Allentown. What survives of the ABEAR session is a document of a band that is no longer together but played an active role in the Lehigh Valley DIY music scene. We present it here online.

Cascadia Shards Session
Listen to the session here

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One of our recording days we are most proud of is when we hosted two Canadian bands. One of those sessions with Weed has already aired. The other band on tour with them was Cascadia from Vancouver. Through an accident, their footage would also be lost. The resulting audio lives on and is presented here for streaming and download exclusively online.

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With this, we've emptied our archives. Tape Swap now is looking forward to a new season's worth of sessions. We also have some new merch that will be available each time we drop a session. Annoucements are coming very soon!

Tape Swap Presents: Field Guides, Chimneys, Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air at the Funhouse in Bethlehem
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We have two exciting shows in April to announce as part of our Tape Swap Presents concert series. The first is on Thursday, April 2, 2015 at the Funhouse in South Bethlehem. Field Guides and Chimneys are on tour from Brooklyn and they will be bringing their dream-pop and fuzzed-out folk rock to Bethlehem. Our friends in Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air will be supporting.

Upcoming Events

On the horizon, we have two more events in April. The Tape Swap crew will be at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown on Saturday, April 18th for a special Record Store Day show. It is, as the name implies, happening on Record Store Day but the concert is planned for the night to give you plenty of time to support your local record shops during the morning and afternoon. Tape Swap will have merch available and will be spreading the word just to give this event some exposure. Make sure to watch this site or our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

The next Tape Swap Presents concerts will be at the Funhouse in Bethlehem on Tuesday, April 21st. We are welcoming Soda Bomb out of Long Island, NY and Mumblr out of Philadelphia who are both celebrating recent album releases. Supporting will be Bethlehem-based band Moonstruck. Look for the premiere of our Shards Session with Moonstruck to drop in the week leading up to the show.

Welcome to Tape Swap Radio

mar 11, 2015
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Tape Swap Radio is a music series dedicated to independent and DIY music in the Lehigh Valley. Since June 2013, we have been airing live performances recorded in our Bethlehem, Pennsylvania recording studio, Shards. Our first season of Shards Sessions, all 18 performances and interviews, are available under the Shards Sessions tab. We have bands from as far away as British Columbia, Canada to bands from our own backyard in Bethlehem.

As Spring 2015 gets underway, we are prepping a new season's worth of material to premiere. We have 16 live sessions already recorded that we hope to bring to everyone as soon as we can. We are in talks right now with radio stations both in and outside of the Lehigh Valley to expand Tape Swap Radio like never before. We hope you'll take this ride with us and help bring this music to more and more people. If you know a public or college radio station that should be airing Tape Swap Radio, shoot us an email.

You can also follow Tape Swap on Facebook and Twitter for more updates. And, as always, thanks for your support of us and this music.

-Shamus and Matt